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Cellulite is the number one enemy of a woman’s ego.
Nothing destroy women’s ego more than legs and buttock with cellulite.

It can appear at any stage of life which

makes this unpredictable beauty issue           
even more of a problem.

Some women can start to get it during puberty. Some report it
becomes visible after having one or more
children. Others say they got it after becoming sedentary in their
mid-30’s. And others have reported getting cellulite during

This is a skin condition caused by fatty deposits, which causes the skin to
dimple and appear similar to an orange peel or cottage cheese. Among
the a good deal of cellulite cream solutions, finding the top cellulite cream
is a debate among consumers, but the use of cream has shown to
be the best result as an easy and uncomplicated way for cellulite

Even when cellulite can affect men and women, this skin condition
generally affects middle-aged to elderly women. Men can still develop
cellulite, but it is much more rare

Women by nature are a delicate creation; therefore, perfection is one of the most important
thing in their life. A bumpy skin is not only something irregular
in their body but it is mainly an aesthetic problem.


Cellulite – Real Problem or a Cultural Anxiety

Now, let not  confuse cellulite with cellulitis. Cellulitis is an
infection in the skin that definitely required medical assistance.
However, cellulite is a skin condition.

Cellulite is more of a cultural anxiety than a real problem.
We live in a society that equals success to a well-built body. We
are bombarded with rich and famous model figure whose body looks
young and in perfect shape.

Granted, any woman rather prefer smooth skin, sexy legs and tight butts. But
this is the product of hard work which highly contributes to the elimination of cellulite.
They follow a rigorous routine to keep their body in tone.

But the fact is that between 80 and 90 percent of women will probably experience cellulite.

As women start approaching menopause, estrogen starts decreasing. From the
age of 25 to 35 years old is when you start seeing the appearance of cellulite.

Estrogen has an impact on the blood vessels. When estrogen starts to decrease,
you lose receptors in blood vessels and thighs, so you have decreased circulation.
With decreased circulation you get less oxygen and nutrition to that area, and
with that we see a decrease in collagen production and, of course, fat cells
start becoming larger.

Eliminate cellulite- Costly alternative

Let’ face it; every woman would like a bikini body. every woman would like to be
able to wear short pants or skirt when the weather is appropriate,
like in a hot summer or a beach day. But cellulite will definitely
make them feel uncomfortable showing their bodies.

It is possible to eliminate cellulite using the latest technology, but
the price could be too high. Using cream solution and finding a top
cellulite cream continues to be the most cost effective method to
eliminate cellulite.

A very common method to reduce cellulite is a nonsurgical procedure
called Cellfina.
It is a procedure used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It’s a
minimally invasive procedure. The procedure doesn’t require surgery
or general anesthesia.

Cellfina uses a micro blade technique to target cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

The size of the treated area and the number of cellulite dimples
determines the cost of the Cellfina treatment.
Prices usually range from $3,500 to $6,500, with an
average cost of around $4,250 per treatment.


There is another very costly procedure to eliminate cellulite.
This is a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by medical insurance.
Although the cost of treatment can vary significantly based on your unique
medical circumstances, the location in which the procedure is performed,
and the surgeon performing it, Cellulaze costs between $5,000 and $7,000
on average.

It Consists of a laser-based process that involves inserting a very small tube
under the skin and blasting the affected areas with laser energy.

The Cellulaze laser is inserted into the dermal layer of skin through a
small incision point, targeting troublesome fat pockets and
delivering short-pulsed beams of energy that heat up the tissue and
help to smooth the fat. Very effective but the price is prohibitive for
many women.

Something else that you should take in consideration if you decide to go this
route is the side effects of using Cellulaze. They could include
skin burn, skin contour irregularities, bruising and swelling among
other things.

A very popular non-invasive method to reduce cellulite is VelaShape.
The areas more frequently treated with this method are neck, arms, thighs,
buttock and abdomen. Most patients see gradual and cumulative results
throughout the treatment regime.

VelaShape enables you to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well shaped body
in typically 3 treatment sessions ; making you look and feel more youthful. It
provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort.

Velasmooth is a cosmetic cellulite reduction treatment using a machine with a
hand piece that uses vacuum suction and massage from mechanical
rollers to stimulate blood circulation in the treated area and reduce
cellulite. This combined action increases the oxygen in the cells and
massages the deepest layer of the skin, to drain retained fluids
through the body’s lymphatic system.

Both treatments VelaShape and VelaSmooth involve
the use of infrared light, radio frequency, massage rollers, and
suctioning to contour the body.

This treatment was approved by the FDA in 2005 for the temporary reduction of cellulite.

In general, patients pay anywhere from $500 to $3,000 for the use of these treatments.

The cost of a single VelaShape may be priced higher than the cost of a
single VelaSmooth treatment. However, VelaShape typically requires
fewer treatment sessions.

Using Cream to Eliminate Cellulite

There may be no subject that’s discussed more among any group of women
than the best creams for cellulite.

Most all creams will only address the fat. They transport fats into the
cell to be use as energy.

Caffeine based creams will help to eliminate cellulite
by blocking the making of fats by the alpha receptors. Caffeine
is well-established in its ability to release fat from the fat site
and can temporarily decrease the look of cellulite.

Since coffee is a type of stimulant, this can make your blood vessels to
get bigger temporarily. As a result, your skin will be able to absorb
more nutrients, thereby, smoothening and tightening it

Another natural ingredient found in top cellulite cream is Glaucine.
This is a derivative of the yellow poppy plant and may also be
synthetically derived.
Glaucine is a powerhouse ingredient in the reduction of cellulite.

Glaucine addresses some of the most important areas of any anti-cellulite
regimen. It helps to increase firmness, it’s ant-inflammatory and encourages
fat cells to release fat.

Cellulite cream solution is by far the most cost effective treatment to reduce
cellulite. There are many brands on the market and they range from $78
to $140 on average. There is a huge difference in price when compared to
medical equipment. The only drawback is that the results varies
greatly among patients.

Justina Lantigua de Quezada

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  1. Great information! I especially liked how you addressed whether cellulite is a cultural issue. The fact that so many women (and men) will experience cellulite is important to creating real body image standards and not expectations that you have to have zero cellulite to be attractive. I also liked how you referred to these products as cellulite reducers and not eliminators – I think it’s important to understand the difference! Keep up the great articles!

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